segunda-feira, 17 de agosto de 2009

I want to show you a litle bit of my country... Portugal

My country.

Many people have asked me how is living and where is Portugal. So I decided to show you some nice places here.
When I sell or buy something outside people usually says:
"You live in France right?" or "You live in Spain".:)
No, Portugal is a small country in the edge of Europe that many people don't know.

-This country as beautifull beachs all over the coast...

-27 to 30ºc May till September with sunshine...

-We have the best food I ever tried....

-We have montains, snow and places to do sky.

-And we have arquitecture cities like Lisbon, Oporto, Coimbra, Guimarães, etc.

Hope you can visit some day this small and beautiful country!

quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2009

Atelier Expo Arte Contest - Sorteio

See English language of this contest below

Finalmente decidi quais as peças que vou colocar a concurso!O concurso começa hoje as 24 horas.Para concorrer basta que me adicione ao meu blog como seguidor/a no canto direito abaixo neste blog e/ou torna-se meu amigo(a)/fã na minha pagina do facebook. Se se decidir pelas duas opções terá mais possiblidades de ganhar uma vez que irão concorrer a este concurso todos os meus seguidores deste blog bem como os meus amigos e fans da minha pagina no facebook. Brevemente anunciarei a data em que será feito o respectivo sorteio.Os nomes dos contemplados serão aqui afixados no meu blog.Os sorteados terão possibilidade de escolher a peça que mais lhes agrada de acordo com a respectiva ordem (1º sorteado, 2º sorteado, etc...)Envierei as peças aos sorteados por correio em qualquer parte do mundo onde residam sendo os portes por minha conta.Convido todos os que apreciam as minhas peças a concorrerem e...

I decided to offer some of my thematic pieces to those who likes my art.
To participate in this contest you must follow my blog. Just click on follow blog and add me as follower/seguidora. Also you can add me as a friend or fan in my facebook page.Just click on the facebook button in the right side or in this link.
The contest starts today, 24.00 am.
If you decided to join in my blog and facebook you certanly have more possibilities to win.
Soon i'll announce the close date of this contest.
The winners names of this contest will be posted here on my blog.
You will be able to choose the piece that most pleases you according to this order (drawn 1, drawn 2, etc ...)
I´ll send the pieces by mail to you wherever you live.
I invite all who enjoy my pieces to compete and. .. GOOD LUCK!

quarta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2009

August 2009

Exposed my "Mona Lisa" thematic pieces in Jorge Lima Hairdresser . Just one of the best Hairdresser here in Oporto, Portugal. Very good work! It has a excellent and personalized service.You feel at home with the sympathy of the owner and its assistents. This is a place that for shure i advice you to go there.

July 2009

Invited to join to Design Style Guide Team.
About Design Style Guide:
”We evaluate handmade quality in terms of style, handmade faithfulness, current trends, and artist integrity. Our search for quality is a never-ending process, and we carefully select the most engaging handmade home décor artists around the world. In addittion, we approve every single listing before it appears on our website, thus ensuring that all listing are placed in the correct category and have at least one image uploaded. We do this so we can guarantee your satisfaction.”
Very handsome website to present design products.Just take a look!

June 2009

- Exposed my "Statue Liberty" thematic folding screen and pillows in Maneiras d’olhar. A shop with a nice view to the Lavadores beach here in Portugal. So nice shop ! With an enormous variety of pieces. Just visit the shop.

- Invited to to make a portfolio to be published in “Happy” Magazine.

May 2009

Exposed french reproduction deco pieces in Donaria Albuquerque shop.

Just an incredible shop with the most rich and classic furniture I ever have seen.

If you like this kind of furniture style,you must go there.

April 2009

- Exposed in Sónia Hairdresser
- Exposed in "Multi Service Center". A place with a lot of services like accountant, businees consultant services, etc. The were Handsome to reserve a place to expose my work. Very appreciate. Thanks!

- Expose in Marcia Hairdresser

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