quarta-feira, 23 de setembro de 2009

When all begin to reach to your home...Atelier Expo Arte

Just some pictures to show you where and how my pieces are made....

This takes place in a small town in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal.
All my pieces are handmade as you can see.
First of all, I start to choose the themes for my pieces.
Something about history, art, inspires me...
I read and read about the theme. If it's a person I read and study her past.

Than I write a short biography to attach in the description of my item.

Now it's time to start my artwork with the images.

The images features my original design and artwork.
You can find some similar but not equal...if it's sign by Atelier Expo Arte...
I find in the market the best materials.

I must say I spend a lot of time chosing my materials. I like all to be much perfect as I can. Tissue, canvas, foam, ink, etc...

Than it's time to print the artwork in a big magine...

Now we need to cut and made a portrait, a pillow, a bag, a folding screen, etc

When it's ready it's time to sign my work. All pieces are signed by me.

Now it's time to enjoy one of the best moments: Look and enjoy the beauty of the piece...and celebrate with the people who turns this work possible for me.

Ready to take some pictures! I get the digital camera and took the photos.

Sometimes I get the help from a photographer friend.

The images at my store must be at least so beautifull as I find my items are.

It's the most dificult and hard part of this work.

And now they are ready to reach your home, after package very carefully.

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